Exploring Film Criticism with a New Perspective

The Beginning of it All and Some Changes That Occurred

At the beginning of this class I did not look at movies that much in dept at all. I would watch a movie and judge it based off if it was a good movie for its genre. However, that changed and I began to look at movies in a more deeper way and actually evaluate and analysis what is going on. Beforehand I thought that film criticism would be easy and you just watch the movie and tell what’s going on and then your opinion on it. Now I think that film evaluation even if you are not going to share your evaluation could help when it comes to understanding the storyline and things that are not directly said overall making the movie or tv show more understandable and easier to follow once you look at it from a critics point of view.

What Has Changed The Most For Me?- Being More Tuned in

What has changed the most for me would be looking at how the setting has more meaning that just being there so the characters have a place to be. Beforehand that’s what I thought but that all changed recently when I discovered that production uses the background to hint at things about the characters or the plot that is not verbally being said. The color scheme can also tie in with this element because it adds to the overall mood and so does the setting. If the setting is in Someone Great a netflix original with Gina Rodriguez being the main character whose life is busy and she is having a hard time coping with a recent breakup and moving away all at the same time. We see this in the picture above that the background is busy in a way and there is really not a lot of organization going on. What you instantly think just by looking at the characters is that they are happy who is in a good place in life. From the setting of Jenny’s( Rodriguez) you can that whoever lives there has a busy lifestyle and she just so happens to have that as we find out throughout the movie. Knowing this now it has helped me uncover things about the characters that was not said directly or at all and it helps understanding the choices that the characters are making better.

Film Approach- What Do I Do Differently?

From the very start of deciding a movie I would first go to a movie with actors that I loved and avoided ones with actors that I was not really a fan of. This changed because recently I have been choosing Tv. shows and movies that cast people that I do not really love or never watched. An example of how my overall approach have changed would be recently when I decided to watch Lady-Like which is also a Netflix original movie. I did not know any of the cast so it was a new for me to do that compared to previously choosing the movie because I knew the actors in the movie. When it comes to watching movies that process has not really changed besides the fact that I am now analysing the movie at a greater depth looking at the looking at the background, color theory and other elements to see how they tie the movie together and if it is complimenting what is going on. For example in the movie Lady-Like in the picture to the right above you see Allie who happens to be one of our main characters. In this picture we are seeing her reckless behavior because she is simply in the garbage with a towel on as a dress from the previous night. The color theme of being bright and calmed adds to the effect that the alcohol is out of her system and she is now calm and not as reckless as in the previous scene. My approach after watching the film would be basically the same I form an opinion based off what I watched but have a better reasoning for why I feel that way compared to the before. I now look at the whole movie and the elements of it before I form an opinion on weather it was a good movie that I would recommend or not.

Appreciation and New Thoughts

When it comes to appreciating movies I still remain the same. I know it takes a lot of work and effort to make a movie that could have been a book and saved my time from reading a book when I do not like reading at all.If movies were not created then I probably would have never knew what type of genre I would like when it comes to Tv. Shows and other basic things like that. What triggered a new thought going through this course would be that you should open up to different genres of movies and be less biased when it comes to choosing the movie. Also o not let your baggage of what other people tell you affect your overall opinion of the movie. Forming your own opinions when it comes to movies are important. You can take others opinion into consideration however don’t let that affect your personal reflection. I had a habit of doing this at the beginning of the class now I form my own opinion and it has really helped me decide on why I like or do not like the movie and forming my own opinion about other things besides movies instead of letting my baggage and outside sources get in the way of that.

-Jada McMullens May 8,2019

Is Inside Out Really Shown on the Outside?

In the movie Inside Out you might think that Riley (the person whose head we are in) might be depressed. That’s not really the case instead she is just having a hard time expressing her emotions.

Synopsis- What’s Going On?

Riley was a 11 year old who loved to play hockey and was a happy girl all until her family moves to San Francisco. Inside her headquarter (her brain) her emotions( Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear) tries to lead her through the change. Because of the move she becomes stress and this triggers her sadness emotion. When Sadness and Joy is accidently moved into another part of Riley’s brain there is only Anger, Fear, and Disgust left inside of her headquarters and has to try and maintain Riley’s emotions.

Genre and Audience- Is It Only For Kids?

Inside out is a PG MPAA rated fantasy family/children movie meaning that it is family friendly however parents should look out for some inappropriate content for some ages. In this movie specifically you see very little content that is inappropriate for all ages or that would need parental guidance. The closest that this gets to being inappropriate would be the table scene when Riley tells her parents to “just” shut up” and storms off. Shut up in some households would be considered crude language while in others it would not be. This could influence children to be rebellious and act in this manner when they come to a disagreement with their parents. Inside Out is not just for kid it can be for older people too who are interested in a good family friendly animation.

Cinematography- The Design

Throughout the movie we see mainly the point of view of the emotions. As they are helping Riley go through this struggle we find out that there is a storage of memory orbs containing all of Riley’s memories. As you can see pictured in image one and three the orb reflects that memory and we get to see the memory from the perspective that the emotion is looking at the orb. As you can see in the second picture we can see a memory replaying in Riley’s mind as she remembers them. We do not see much of Riley through the movie but when we do you can see her changes in moods when we do see her and how fast they switch. Through the journey when Riley appears we can see what emotion she is feeling by her facial expressions or her body language.

oh and the Crew

Obviously the characters in Inside Out is not real, but they do need actors behind the character to bring the movie and characters themselves to life. The characters are coordinated by the colors that represents their emotions and the role they play in the movie. As the voice of Joy (Middle character) Amy Poehler is responsible for bringing the happy and joyful lead character alive creating a joyful atmosphere. Sadness is the complete opposite of joy if you could not tell. Sadness is voiced by Phyllis Smith who brings sadness to life by creating the sad atmosphere when it comes to Riley being stressed and having a hard time expressing the other emotions. After the two main emotions we have the three emotions that are left at the headquarters when Sadness and joy got misplaced. Anger voiced by Lewis Black, Disgusted voiced by Mindy Kaling and finally Fear who was voiced by Bill Hader. The girl whose mind we are exploring is voiced by Kaitlyn Dias. Pixar crew established this movie which the crew behind it all was Pete Docter,John Lasseter,John Cooley,Michael Giacchino,Jonas River, Meg LeFauve and Ralph Eggleston.

Theme– Is There an Underlying Message?

In this movie we see a lot of change and sadness. The theme within this movie would be that things change. We see this fro the very beginning of the movie where Riley’s family moves to San Francisco. Because of that change Riley’s perspective of everything around her began to change also as a result of her having to leave her childhood behind in her original city as she becomes a pre-teen. Sadness plays a role in this because we see her constantly wanting to disappear afraid that if she touch something it could affect Riley. However what we can take away from this would be that having feelings are not a bad thing but as you mature and get older the emotions will become more complex.

Character Conflicts- Who vs. Who?

Throughout the movie we see Riley at a conflict with herself meaning that she is having a Man Vs. Self conflict. This movie was based off this one conflict because of the recent move Riley’s family had recently made. We are just looking at the this conflict from inside of her mind and how her emotions are trying to maintain her well being and helping her get through the story. In this conflict there is other conflicts in itself. You have our main characters which are trying to save Riley’s memories and they come across many challenges that comes in their way such as sadness not wanting to touch any memories because she is scared she will ruin this and this is where we see a man vs self within the emotions.

Personal Reflection

If I had to rate Inside out on a grading scale I would give it an A. This movie taught a valuable lesson that is suitable for all age groups making it one of the strengths it have. Another strength that Inside Out has would be its a pproach to the theme and getting kids to understand their emotions and that we all have them. I did not find any weaknesses in the movie. It was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone who was looking for a family friendly animation.

-Jada McMullens May 06,2019

Is a quiet place really a place with no sound?

When you think of the word quiet that means there is no sound at all or the bare minimum. In this case A Quiet place is exactly that but not because they want to but in order to stay alive and out of danger.

Synopsis- What the heck is happening!?!

A family of five lives in a town in New York with little to no sound being created by themselves however, by communicating through sign language(which was previously known because the daughter was deaf) to get through everyday life. The reasoning why they have to live in silence is because of a creature who is blind but is attracted to sound. Whatever the creature comes in contact with it will attack the subject. In this Thriller “If they hear you, they hunt you.” Everyone is at risk even with a single step.

Genre and Audience- Who is this movie made for?

A quiet place is a thriller meaning that it has and turning point that can be sensitive to some groups.There is times in the movie for example to creature attacking the man that was in the woods and also the little boy. Within these parts there is conflict of human vs. creature and ends with fatality. Also if you are sensitive to blood there is parts closer to the ending that involves blood. When rating this movie the MPPA rating for A quiet place is PG-13 movie. This movie is overall friendly however there should be parental supervised and is suitable for people who is 13 or older. There is parts where there is that involves killing and death at some part which is where the parental supervision should be in place also some harsh events that occurs. While matured ages are more likely to handle these aspects of this movie. Also if you are not the type of person that can watch a 90 minute movie with limited dialogue and you have to have the dialogue to go along with the visuals this is not the movie for you. On the other hand if you like to analyze and observe this is the movie for you to do that and pay close to the small details.

Cast and Crew Identification

The characters in this movie are not really introduced. From the start we know there is five characters and they are all a family. As we go through the movie we see the traits of them develop and we get a better understanding of them through their actions or the few words that they say. The crew behind this all would be John Krasinski(filmmaker and director), Scott Beck(director and screenwriter), Kasia Walicka-Maimone(costume designer), and Heather Loeffler(set decorator). The cast acting was amazing for them not to have dialogue and also having to know their cues as to what to say and do in order to protrade what is going on. Having to act without using dialogue and substituting spoken words into ASL ( American Sign Language) that could be difficult for most actors who are not able to get a new form of language that quick and to be able to perform it fluently. The emotion and the commitment that went into the can be seen through their acting which adds to the overall effect of it all.

Theme – What was the lesson within the movie?

The theme that is in A quiet place is not straightforward however you got to analyse the cast as a whole. Family values meaning that being strong together and having that strong bond can get you out of hard situations that y’all come across. We see this multiple times the first being the father making hearing aids for Regan so that she can hear even if it’s the slightest. She laters uses that to help her mother protect her family and they do this as a family through the movie risking their life to help save the other. Because of their strong bond they were able to get through them experiences and push forward to make their lives normal again.

Character Exploration and Conflict.

Throughout the movie we mainly see Regan. She is deaf as we know and feels misplaced and less loved after she believes her dad blames her for her little brother Beau getting taken away by the creature. She then has a different attitude towards him refusing to obey him the first time. However we see this change when he tells her that he loves her right before the climax where her dad tries to fight off the creature and this changes her outlook overall. She went from feeling misplaced to eager to do something and that’s exactly what she did all because of the character vs. character conflict with her dad. However, the main conflict that characters goes through is character(s) vs. the unknown. We see the family throughout the whole movie fighting against the unknown creature who has came into the town. There is many conflicts that occur within this category of conflict from the beginning to the end of the movie.

Cinematography and Sound – The Camera

Although the characters did not talk there was still music. The music added to the overall tone of the movie it foreshadowed that something was going to happen or it intensified the mood. The music for example when the parents were slow dancing in the basement the song that played could almost show a sense they they will be at peace again eventually, this is the time where we see them relax a little and are not so intense. The impact that the music had on the movie would be to show how the characters are feeling in the moment without them having to say it. It allows us to get a deeper look at how they are actually feeling on the inside. Along with the music the visuals and framing was good. We got to see what was happening from each character’s point of view and how they looked at the situation.Also we get to see it from the view of the unknown, The upclose shot showed the emotions in the character and was there when needed and so was other framing. We see this wThe music and the cinemagraphs went hand in hand bhen the mother is about to have birth and is in the bathtub holding in her screams. With this close up we are able to see her pain and also feel it because of the up close and personal shot. Because of the framing and music made you feel like you was in the character shoes and was there with them. When there was a simple sound and the music pace started to speed up making you eager to know what’s about to happen and there is times where nothing happens and times where things do get intense. The color theory of the movie sticking with the greens and darker colors such as black added that sense of suspense and tension that draws the watcher in and helps express the emotion within the movie. When looking at the color theory greens means danger and we see this color manly when there is sound and the creature makes an appearance. Black in the color theory means fear death or the unknown. When the creature appears we see a mixture of the greens and blacks tying the elements of the colors together to make one overall tone. The only time that we see colors that are not of this theory would be when the father and older son is at the waterfall. At the waterfall we see bright colors such as blue in the waterfall where they are at peace for once. The waterfall is where we get to see them actually be free and let go of that fear of if they make a sound they would attract the creature.

Personal Reflection! Is it a success or a flop?

Overall this movie was a success for the the effort that was put in it and the outcome. This movie required for th cast to be able to show emotions without talking and make it work and it did. The strength of the movie was the GCI used for the creature and how it interacted with the objects so seamlessly. The fact that this movie was a Thriller and also can be a drama for the family adds to the overall greatness of this because you can watch it with family and do not have to worry about mature content however there is minor things that some parents might not want their younger kids to see. Mainly the way that they held the watcher attention the whole time was a strength in itself. When it comes to a weakness in the movie I like there is a weakness in informing the readers about the characters. Going into the movie you know it is a family of five however there is no designated names or anything we do not really learn about the characters to individualize them. This movie I enjoyed it a lot and my attention was held that whole time. If I was to have to recommend a thriller to someone it definitely would be this movie and many other critics believe that it was an outstanding movie also. Grading this movie I would give it an 98 because there is always room for improvement when it comes to a movie. However, it was close to being the perfect movie to me.

Jada McMullens April 15,2019

Is Black Panther really who we think he is?

As we all probably heard about the rage of Black Panther that was going around in the summer of 2018. Hearing people say Wakanda Forever was like the norm and something that was used very frequently when the movie first came out and hit the charts. He is to some a hero and to others an enemy, but how does he represent human nature and his contribute to reality?


T’Challa returns to his african kingdom if Wakanda after his father dies to take his place as king of Wakanda. Erik Killmonger who is a powerful enemy comes back to wakanda and puts the world at risk by drawing T’Challa into a conflict. In order to save the world he has to get together his team using the full power of Black Planter to defeat to maintain the safety of the wakandans

Understanding the Genre. What audience is it exactly for?

The genre of Black Panther is a superhero film. In a superhero film there is the superhero which is an individual that is has the ability to do things that the normal human would not be able to do which we know it as being superhuman or having super powers. In this movie particularly it would be T’challa who has the ability through a suit to do things that the normal human would not be able to do such as fighting off Erik and his team who happened to be on mechanical bulls trying to attach them while he was on foot. In a superhero film there is likely to be a villain in some way going after something that the superhero has power over or ruining the town or even the world. In black panther this is Erik who is trying to take over Wakanda and this is where the action in this superhero film began and fighting occurs more oftenly between eric and T’Challa leading up to the big fight scene at the end determining who gets Wakanda. Black Panther is a PG-13 which is made for any age groups and I agree. If you are sensitive to fighting or simply don’t condone it in any way this movie is not good for you because it is full of action.

Cast and Crew Identification

The underlying message and relation to reality

There is many themes that are found in black panther however the one we hear of the most and would be familiar with would be the challenging powerful structures and in this case the powerful structure is T’Challa or Black Panther himself. We se T’Challa at through the movie trying to be brought down and out of the kings spot however he fights to keep what is dear to him and that happens to be Wakanda. Relating this to reality we tend to defend what is dear to our hearts just like T’Challa did even if it may cause issues with others. It is in our human nature to do so and that’s how it is in all reality. from the beginning of the movie we get to know T’Challa better and what he was for and we see his development throughout the movie this is another aspect of the human that affects our reality and how it also affected his.

Character Conflicts and Exploration

In Black Panther we see many conflicts between characters,there is three main conflicts all testing T’Challa’s power and eventually securing his spot as king against the others. T’Challa has is main crew when it comes to fighting and going to when he need things(look at cast and crew identification) they are always there to support him. When it was time to fight Erik at the final face off this is where we get to see the characters determination and it helped strengthen the characters development phases and created a bigger picture of who they really are. This battle had great importance to T’Challa for the sake of Wakanda and the wakandans. At first T’Challa is viewed as the weak character however throughout the movie he was the protagonist ensuring the safety of others before himself. Black Panther is the hero in the movie although he had a mix view from the people of Wakanda.

Personal Reflection

Black Panther to me is a good movie that would be good to watch for a family night. This movie was a huge success not only in my personal opinion but to many others breaking records and accomplishing many other achievements. The camera works, setting, costumes. and the acting all flowed together nicely. I was able to see the emotion within the actors which they brought to life and made it feel as if I was there by the different framing techniques. A weakness that I found in the movie would be that there was moments that could have been better when it came to the special effects. For example when they were fighting of the field it could have been more dynamic with a more special effects and made me feel the hits through the screen and all of the actions. The special effects would add that tension that it was missing within the fight scene to make it more attention grapshing. Overall the movie was pretty good and I would recommend it for someone who is in search of a good superhero movie. Rating this movie on a grading scale I would give it 98 and it is worth the watch and the hype.

Jada McMullens April 8,2019

The Comedy many are funny but what is the ” Best Film Comedy”?

There is many movies that may be funny to you however it all depends on who we are and where we come from. Things that may seem funny to you may not make me laugh at all. The movie that I found was comedy to me and deserved this award would be Uncle Drew. Uncle Drew is a movie that has many famous people who star in it and is known for different things. This movie would be considered a slapstick comedy with the characters falling and also using crucial language and hitting each other.

Attraction and Personal Relations

What Initially drew my attention to the movie would have been its cast itself. There is not many movies where there is a dominant black cast. This was interesting to me because of how I grew up being an African American. There was many parts where I laughed and others did not. This was simply because of my style of humor. My style of humor mainy being mainly affiliative because I like to tease and laugh with my friends and just laugh a lot overall. Also my background of who I am and where I came from.

Growing up in a black home and around many others of my race there was a part where they were at the basketball court and was getting back into playing after a long time that was funny to me because I watched the same thing happen all the taunting and picking on each other about how they played or missing a shot was funny to me because I could relate. The overall movie was something that I could relate to and that was the reason that certain parts were funny to me compared to others who might not have that background.

What The Critics Have to Say- Reviews

There is a mixture of reviews on this movie and many agree that it is a normal sports movie but with liveliness which I agree with. While some critics say that the movie script could have been better and was predictable. However when it comes the audience and their review they believe it is more of funny and something you can get your money’s worth. While there was many mixed reviews on this movie some finding it funny and some seeing it dull with no comedy in it. A common review between the critics and the audience would be that the it was predictable which I do agree with at some points of the story.

The Cinematography

The music that was in the movie really made me more interested in the movie. There was songs in the movie that I remember my parents listening to and created that flashback moment for me and also some familiar slang . When it came to the shot of the movie and the framing it could have improved. There was times where we could have been able to see the emotion more if it was an up close shot. Another thing that added to the movie was the prosthetic makeup. We can tell it was to make them appeal older however it was not the best and could tell it was not real even if you did not know the cast. There was not many times however where there could be enhancements to the cinematography but it supported the comedy because it was simple and to the point.

Personal Reflection

Uncle Drew is a good movie that is worth the watch. While it is funny to some and not to others it is a pure comedy to me because I am able to relate. There is things that I actually can reflect back on that will make me laugh. It all depends on how you grew up and is living now that makes this movie a comedy to you or not. Where there could be enhancements to the cinematography but it would make it seem too much for the style of movie it is. This movie is the best comedy movie because it takes you back to when we would go out and play and taunt each other just like they did in the movie. The comedy in this movie is direct indirect and that adds to the overall aspect of comedy because sometimes you don’t see the slapstick comedy part about to come and they just hit each other out of nowhere.

Jada McMullens April 1,2019

Hairspray! The hairspray we all need and its just at a click of a button!

A Musical is something that we all have watched some point in our life. Musicals are movies with a twist that has music and most of the time a happy upbeat tone. There is a song to go with everything, a lot of dancing and always that one character that is always smiling or a bit behind. ¨ Good Morning Baltimore !¨ from Tracy Turnblad and The Corny Collins Show.


Tracy Turnblad is a teen who loves to dance and auditions for a show called ‘The Corny Collins Show” which is a 1960ś dance show. They were auditioning for a spot of one their co-stars that has to take time off. Tracey gets in when she goes to detention because of skipping class to go to the original auditions and finds a guy who encourages her to go and show them what she can actually do. She later gets the spot on the show. When asked what her first motion if she was president and she stated that she would make everyday negro day. As she get onto the show she becomes famous overnight and many doors open up for her. Tracey was now setting new trends and eventually influencing the show to combine the white and black dancers.

Genre and Audience

The genre of this movie would be drama and romance. When our main characters l Tracy and and Link Larkin become close this would be the romantic part of the movie while there is also a mixture of drama. In the movie we see Tracy at her best, her worst and also just living her ordinary life. We see her doing many things that can cause a big change in her life even if it was bad and good we see it all the trials and the tribulations and also the triumphs that she got from it. Hairspray is a movie that has somethings that has a few disclaimers of teenage smoking and some other subjects however i believe that it is appropriate and a good movie for all people that are interested in musicals.

Evaluation and Analysis

Hairspray is a musical that addresses real life issues in the 1960’s by using a dancing TV show that has one day out the whole year for the black people to do what they love which is dance on television. This is brought to life through the acting of the characters. Nikki Blonsky(Tracy), Elijah Kelley( Seaweed), Zac Efron( Link) and Brittany Snow( Amber Von Tussle) they were the main characters that actually brought the movie to life.

These actors and actresses shows us how the society was then and how there was some things that could be changed. Tracy would represent the character that wanted to be integrated and would do anything so that could happen she really captured this aspect of the story. Blonsky also showed that you should not give up on what you believe in. When it comes to Seaweed he was also like Tracy but he was apart of the black community and during that time he was not able to do all the things that Tracy was able to do to help integrate. He also showed how when there was differences that should not stop you from being with who you love and in that case it was Penny who was the opposite race. Moving onto Link he was a white teen who was afraid to do what he know was write however he was overwhelmed of what might come with it and we see this in his relationship with Tracy. Finally brittney represent the part of society that would do anything to keep things how they were judgemental and segregated. She showed us the unfair side of society.

Rating Hairspray on a grading scale i would give it a 98 A+. I say this because there is a good message behind the movie and it was delivered well as the movie comes to an end. The strong parts of the movie would be that there was a much foreshadowing however it was in a way that made you want to keep watching. I find that this musical addressed the subject of segregation in a way that can be used to teach us how it was then and is appropriate and maintainable for all age groups. The only thing that i found wrong would be the color scheme at sometimes. The color scheme at times where their was sneaking or sadness it was barley dull which did not give the feeling that it was a sad scene.


Overall the movie was good with things here and there that could have been fixed when it came to color schemes. The actors played their part well and helped the underlying concept to come to life. There were parts where i felt bad for tracy when she was getting judged by her size and appearance. However the film was worth the watch being that it was a mixture of drama and romance and it has a good balance between them both. Also with a good view of how it was in the 1960’s

Jada McMullens March 17,2019

E.T: the Extra Terrestrial


One of the main characters happening to be E.T is an (voiced by Pat Bilon) alien who has been trapped on Earth. E.T was found by Henry Thomas who was staring as Elliot in the movie. The existence of E.T is was kept a secret between Elliot and his sibling. On Halloween night Elliot hids E.T identity by dressing him up as a Ghost. The next morning E.T is gone and only to find out through Micheal that E.T was dying in the forest. The government then had to step in and it was important for Elliot to keep E.T hidden from them. The objective for E.T s to “phone home” in other words go back to his home planet

Main Characters

The main character in E.T would be Elliot. Eliot is the protagonist having to make some risky decisions to protect E.T from being known. He is a normal ten year old who just so happens to find this alien. You can see him grow because he is raised in a family where the father had abandoned him and his siblings and as he becomes more fond of E.T he puts his own needs after E.T’s. The second main character would be E.T himself. E.T was the alien friend of Elliot who is values hiom in a new way compared to how his family does for him being the middle child. E.T and Elliot grows fond of each other and E.T actually is used to show that heartbreak is apart of life and we see this at their departing scene.

Standard Genre and Audience

The standard Genre of E.T would be Science fiction. Knowing what I know about science fiction this movie would categorize under that. An alien is not typical on Earth and it is something that is scientific and if from outer space. The fiction part is simple it is.There is and alien being on earth which we know is not real because we do not see aliens just walking around outside. E.T is a PG movie and is recommended for families or anyone in general. The movie has a nice and all age appropriate script and visuals with also a good message at the end that we all may need to learn or have a reminder of.

Character Conflicts

Elliot our main character goes through a lot of conflicts and the very first one so happens to be character vs. society. This is seen because he has to go through a divorce of his parents at the age of ten. His father left them for Mexico and now it is just his mother raising him and his siblings and that’s just something he have to deal with.them to get. E.T would be a big example of this because he is learning real world things and is using them to get back home. Also there is character vs. supernatural conflicts in this story. How this is shown is by E.T is like a supplement to Elliot that helps all the bruises and bumps in his life seem better and not filled with as many issues.

Message behind it All. Theme

This movie may seem all for enjoyment which it is for the most part, however it does have underlying messages. One these messages would be if we are able to communicate then we can overcome our differences. This is shown because at the beginning of E.T and Elliot’s friendship they struggled with communication. As time went on and Elliott began to use nonverbal cues that E. T had and used that as if he was speaking to hum. Later Elliot then teaches E.T how to speak english and they are able to express themselves more to each other and works together better. Another theme that i saw would be heartbreak is apart of life and you will experience some time or another. I got this from the departure scene and Elliot was sad that E.T had to go. Also i got this from the beginning because you an tell that Elliot was not at his best place when he was alone by himself just being the middle child.

Exploration of Cinematography and Color

When It comes to the framing in the movie you can almost tell that it was from a while back. Stating this because the framing was either up close or far away there was not really anything in the middle only in a few parts. At parts where i feel as if it could have been an upc close it was more in the distant. Looking at the award it did not win any awards for cinematography. Moving onto the colors used in the movie the primary colors used were shade of blue. From what i have learned the blue helps take us alone the journey with the character. In E.T it is a journey throughout the movie about the characters friendship and also E.Ts efforts to get home.

Exploration of Sound

The sound in this movie was the sound was mainly low and it was silent at times showing the sympathy between the two characters and them being glad that they are in each others life. The film was given the Academy award for best sound editing and sound mixing. I believe that the film did deserve this because at times where I was not paying that close attention the sounds drawn my attention back to the movie. The sound that interested me the most was when E.T and Elliot touched fingers and the glow became insane and the the sound just added to the intensity of it.

Personal Reflection

E.t to me was a good movie. I was able to be able to enjoy it slight confusion. I believe that that the movie could have had better camera angles at times. Other than that I believe that it was overall good. If I was to gade this i would give it a 97. No movie could be perfect but this movie is close to it. E.T was a good movie and Is worth the watch. However it did make me have a question at the end being did Elliot go back to his normal self like before E.T came. Besides that I overall think that it was a good movie and everything correspond correctly. This is one of the few science fiction that I would recommend because I am not a fan of these type of movies.

Jada McMullens 03.11.19

Song Adaption- Meaning behind it all.

Let Me Take Yall Way Back
Rome G

Let me take y'all way back way back when i was eight years old
I was playing in my front yard, front yard i ran through the back door
Thats when i say my momma crying i said i asked "whats wrong?"
I said i asked my momma "whats wrong?"
I said i asked my momma "whats wrong?"
She said "baby if you ever listen, this is the perfect time son"
My momma told me she had cancer, cancer and momma might die soon
My momma told me she might die soon
My momma told me she might die soon

In the beginning of the song Grant talks about him finding out that his mother has cancer at the age of eight. It was a regular day and he was playing in the front yard. He then went running through the backyard to see his mother crying. He asked her what was wrong and she told him that she had cancer and that she might die soon.

And when i was 15 standing on that block
Thats when a black Monte Carlo pulled up, pulled up
And started letting out shots
Thats when a bullet went cross my head
And then laid there thinking i was dead
I told them i ain't got time for this, bit tonight
They wanna take my soul
Now every night when I have those dreams about a n*gga killin me
My ni*gga is you feelin me
I swear i do this for the streets
You lost somebody that counts so I'm stressin RIP

Rome then fast forward seven years in his life to where he was 15 and his life flashed before his eyes. He was standing on a block when a black Monte Carlo drove by and started shooting. The bullet went across his head leaving him to think that he was dead. Because of that night he have dreams of people killing him. It as if he has lost his mother because of the cancer which is causing him to stress about her possible death.

now when i was 16, they sent me off to jail
I was mobbin, chillin, coolin, relaxin, sitting back to myself
Thats when an officer came and got me
Got me, and tool me up those stairs
And i just swear i was finna cause hell
Man i was thinkin like "man what the hell?"
When i walked up in that office
That office, and i picked up that phone
I heard my grandma voice say "lil baby boy be strong"
Thats when i knew something was wrong
I gotta feelin my momma was gone
Now tell me is you feelin me or do you feel the melody
Going da da da da da da, a da da da da daa
A da da da da da da daa, a da da da da da da daa
I told them i ain't got time for this, not tonight

When Rome was 16 he was incarcerated. One day he was just minding his own and k relaxing when the police showed up and arrested him. He had no idea why he was being arrested. When he was taken upstairs at the jailhouse he swore that he was about to cause trouble however he didn’t. Rome then received a phone call from his grandmother telling him to be strong. The words that she said caused him to have a feeling that his mother was gone.

They wanna take my soul
Now ever night when i have those dreams about a n*gga killin me
My n*gga is you feelin me
I swear i do this for the streets
You lost somebody that counts so I'm stressin RIP
Da da da da da daa, a da da da da daa
A da da da da da da daa, a da da da da da da daa


Rome G, Grandmother , and Mom

Inciting Incident: Rome Grant finding out about his mother having cancer.

Setting: In his childhood home, On the corner of a block where he about lost his life and in jail

Conflict: He faced mang conflicts in his life the forst one being where he wad eight and found out his mom had canver. The second one was him almost losing his life during a drive by. The third conflict that he talks about going to jail at rhe age of 16.

Resolution: He could not do much about his mother having cancer. As the years went by he got into the streets. Which then led to what happened to him at the age of 15. The resolution to this was not really mentioned. The jail time at the age of 16 he took his grandmothers advice about what she said on the phone to him to be strong. And he didn’t let going to jail stop him

Genre: Documentary. I say this because he is taking us through his life just by hearing the song and also through the music video.

Hero Study: In this song i believe that Rome Grant himself would be the a modern and tragic hero. This is because being a tragic hero is someone who has been through a lot or has felt the absent of something. Grant had to make decisions based on his mother having cancer and not wanting to fail her. Grant is also a modern hero because done things such as being on the streets at an young age which must don’t do. However being where he grew up in the music video you can see that it was not that rare for younger guys to be out there on the streets.

Jada McMullens 03.03.19

12 Years a Slave Evaluation

Synopsis- Summary

12 Years a Slave is a movie that can be sensitive to some which was released in 2014. The storyline of this movie revolves around the hardships and the life of a Slave who name is Solomon Northup. As the movie begins you see Solomon as a free man fellowshipping with a lady at first then a few other guys at a party that he had attended. He was later kidnapped to soon be sold off into slavery down south being separated from his children. As his journey begin the one of master tells them to clap their hands to a rhythm and he begins to sing a song setting the switch between how his slave journey has began in the south. One of his masters played by michael fassbender treated Solomon bad from the start while the man that had bought him from the slave auction was the complete opposite. Throughout his years there Solomon tries to maintain some of the self-esteem that he has left. Being there at that plantation for twelve years he acquires an opportunity to meet with an abolitionist which cause a huge turn around in Solomon’s life.

Interpretations and Reflection

The approach that Steven McQueen took with this movie would be historical drama. I feel this way because 12 Years of Slave is a movie that have a historical background being slavery while it is also a drama because of the intensity it has of seriousness of is life situation. To me a drama is more than being extra and overexpressing what is happening and being filled with emotions. I see a good drama as something that enhances the meaning of the situation while adding that emotion but not over exaggerating it. This movie would be the perfect example of how a drama should be in my opinion. Using the Blake Snyder story genres 12 years a slave would be considered Superhero at some parts while Rite of passage at others. Beyond all the acting there is a real meaning lying at the foundation of this movie. The meaning of this movie is developed slowly and gradually as the movie goes on. The meaning behind this movie would be life back then in the 1850´s were hard for African Americans who had to work and go through so much just because they were different. Things can change that you might would never and it all can happen through a single person. I also got the message that if you believe in yourself even the smallest amount you can get through hard times and push through. As the movie came to an end i was left feeling complete while also getting informed more about Solomon and the book of 12 Years a Slave that he had published which is what the movie was based off of. I was also left want to know what would happen after that closing scene. This movie deserved the awards that it got because of not only the meaning but the visuals. This topic can be hard to approach and be able to be brought to life without it being overacted. By this I mean that Chiwetel Ejiofor the actor who plays Solomon brought him to life as if we were actually in that time period. From him being the main character i felt his emotions and his struggles. All of the award that they obtained from this movie can be seen beforehand. You could tell they put their best foot forward and a lot of dedication into this movie just by the visuals. Thinking back to the sequence of the story i would say that it follows the Freytag Pyramid Story Structure.

Author’s intent and focus

The plot of 12 Years a Slave would be the kidnapping of Solomon Northup. This is where the movie transitioned from him being a free man to a captured and enslaved man. The mood that the author set in this would be overall sadness and anger. I would say this because of watching this movie i saw how my ancestors possibly my great-great grandmother was once treated and how they lived. Thinking of the it made me sad being an African American myself. The texture of the movie that helped bring it to life would be how they spoke to each other. It was set that the actors used the language of how they spoke back then and added that element that can separate it from others. The characters themselves were the reason why this movie touched my heart and sense of emotions. The actors and actresses were in character and brought them to life. You could see the sorrow in their eyes and just by looking at that it triggered sadness for me. Overall the idea of this movie would be human relationships and society. After the movie I felt complete and was left with relief and also happiness for Solomon. The lasting impression that i can protrade from this movie would be that slavery was wrong under all circumstances and something should have been done about it way before it ended.

Character Conflict

The character conflict that we obtain for 12 Years a Slave would be Character vs. society. This is so because Solomon has to face the reality of society at this time which is slavery. During the time period the culture was for the white to shadow the black is expected to work and provide the whites needs. You see this through Solomon doing things for the masters at one point could have caused him to risk his life if he did not have the tag. The society also affected him because it caused him to lose some of his dignity. It was hard for him to get that dignity back because of all the beats and things that he has gotten and done. As I viewed the movie an import part of this character conflict would be where he got kidnapped and lashed multiple times. This was the basic standards that was followed them if a slaved or a black person under white authority tried to escape or disobeyed.

Personal Response

The movie was a huge success in my opinion. I believe this because it was something that i can actually visual and see from one point of view as to how my ancestors were treated and all that they went through with a clear understandment. I do not think their was really a weakness about this movie besides the times where i wanted to know the masters point of view. The movie remain constant and clear for me as i watched it taking in everything it gave me. This movie was sad causing me to jump at times and to cry at others. 12 Years a Slave would be for a mature audience because of the visuals at some parts and the topic overall. If I was to rate this movie on a grading scale i would rate it a 97. I choose the grade of 97 because there is always room for improvement and no movie will be perfect. There were times where i wanted to know what the master was thinking to do some of the unnecessary beating just because he was doing as he was instructed. If that was to happen more in the movie at least once or twice i would give it an 98.

Jada McMullens February 24,2019

Movies 50+ years ago. What do your elders remember?

The making of movies has been around for hundreds of years. Over the years movies has changed and was shaped into what we have today. To get a more personal viewpoint of movies from someone 50 years or older i asked my aunt Tonya Miller who is 51 years old and has watched many movies over her lifetime.

  • What were some of the first films you remember watching in a theatre?

The first film that Tonya remembers watching in a theatre was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which came out in 1971 staring Gene Wilder.

  • What do you remember about those early film experiences (food, type of theatre, friends, family, how you felt when watching a film in a theatre, etc.)?

When i asked Tonya what the theatres were like then she stated that “The theater had red velvet everywhere and it was cold however i did enjoyed the movie.” The snacks that she remembered having at the theater was popcorn,soda and Jujubes.

  • Did you watch many films growing up in theatres (or at home)? If so, what films were you drawn to?

Growing up she watched movies more at home than she did in a theatre. One of her favorite genre of movies were Comedy Romance. The fish that saved pittsburgh was one of her favorite movies growing up which is a Fantasy/ Sport film. This movie came out in 1979 staring Julius Erving

  • Did you ever go to Drive-In Movies when you were younger? What do you remember about those

Tonya did not ever go to the Drive-In-Movies when she was younger. She watched movies mainly at home rather than going out to watch them.

  • Do you remember when the event films like “Jaws” and “Star Wars” when they were in theatres? Tell me about those memories. If not, what were the first “Blockbuster” films you remember everyone wanting to see?

Tonya does remeber the event film such as “Jaws” and “Star wars” when they were being previewed in Theaters. Tonya was in middle school 7th grade. Her view of “Jaws” was that the movie was scary because of the Jaws himself the shark. Unlike “Jaws” she was attracted to Star Wars because of the characters R2D2 and Chewbacca.

  • When HBO, Showtime, VCRs or DVDs were readily available, did that change how you went to see movies? Or which ones you went to see in a theatre?

When these sorces became available to her it changed how she went to movies. Instead of going out to view movies she began to watch more mpvies at home rather than out at the theater. This was because she can now watch movies that she could go and see in the theater in the comfort of her home.

  • Did you ever go rent movies from a video store? If so, how did you decide what to choose to watch with all those choices?

Tonya did rent movies from a video store growing up. She decided what she wanted to get before she went to rent the movie.

  • What kinds of films do you watch now? Do you feel those tastes have changed much in the past 20 years?

The kind of films that Tonya watch now is comedy and kids. Her taste in mobies had changed over the past 20 years because She went from loving action movies to kids movies which varies totally diffract in topics.

  • How often do you go to theatres now to see films? How different is it now than when you first  you experienced films films in theaters (sizes of theaters, food choices, movie choice options, etc)? What do you attribute the changes to (if there is one)?

She rarely go to the movies today. What she remembers about the movies today would be that they had more advanced seating such as reclining however it was more expensive from when she was growing up. The food choices today were more ranged from pizza to popcorn and slushies which is something that they didnt have then.

  • What’s the last film you watched in a movie theatre? Did you enjoy the experience?

The last film that Tonya watched at rhe movies was Black Panther. She enjoyed the experience at the movie theater that she went to. However the only thingshe did not like about it was the prices. She believes tjat the prices should be cheaper rather than the price that we have today being aroun 12 dollars a persons

Jada McMullens 02. 14.19