Movies 50+ years ago. What do your elders remember?

The making of movies has been around for hundreds of years. Over the years movies has changed and was shaped into what we have today. To get a more personal viewpoint of movies from someone 50 years or older i asked my aunt Tonya Miller who is 51 years old and has watched many movies over her lifetime.

  • What were some of the first films you remember watching in a theatre?

The first film that Tonya remembers watching in a theatre was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which came out in 1971 staring Gene Wilder.

  • What do you remember about those early film experiences (food, type of theatre, friends, family, how you felt when watching a film in a theatre, etc.)?

When i asked Tonya what the theatres were like then she stated that “The theater had red velvet everywhere and it was cold however i did enjoyed the movie.” The snacks that she remembered having at the theater was popcorn,soda and Jujubes.

  • Did you watch many films growing up in theatres (or at home)? If so, what films were you drawn to?

Growing up she watched movies more at home than she did in a theatre. One of her favorite genre of movies were Comedy Romance. The fish that saved pittsburgh was one of her favorite movies growing up which is a Fantasy/ Sport film. This movie came out in 1979 staring Julius Erving

  • Did you ever go to Drive-In Movies when you were younger? What do you remember about those

Tonya did not ever go to the Drive-In-Movies when she was younger. She watched movies mainly at home rather than going out to watch them.

  • Do you remember when the event films like “Jaws” and “Star Wars” when they were in theatres? Tell me about those memories. If not, what were the first “Blockbuster” films you remember everyone wanting to see?

Tonya does remeber the event film such as “Jaws” and “Star wars” when they were being previewed in Theaters. Tonya was in middle school 7th grade. Her view of “Jaws” was that the movie was scary because of the Jaws himself the shark. Unlike “Jaws” she was attracted to Star Wars because of the characters R2D2 and Chewbacca.

  • When HBO, Showtime, VCRs or DVDs were readily available, did that change how you went to see movies? Or which ones you went to see in a theatre?

When these sorces became available to her it changed how she went to movies. Instead of going out to view movies she began to watch more mpvies at home rather than out at the theater. This was because she can now watch movies that she could go and see in the theater in the comfort of her home.

  • Did you ever go rent movies from a video store? If so, how did you decide what to choose to watch with all those choices?

Tonya did rent movies from a video store growing up. She decided what she wanted to get before she went to rent the movie.

  • What kinds of films do you watch now? Do you feel those tastes have changed much in the past 20 years?

The kind of films that Tonya watch now is comedy and kids. Her taste in mobies had changed over the past 20 years because She went from loving action movies to kids movies which varies totally diffract in topics.

  • How often do you go to theatres now to see films? How different is it now than when you first  you experienced films films in theaters (sizes of theaters, food choices, movie choice options, etc)? What do you attribute the changes to (if there is one)?

She rarely go to the movies today. What she remembers about the movies today would be that they had more advanced seating such as reclining however it was more expensive from when she was growing up. The food choices today were more ranged from pizza to popcorn and slushies which is something that they didnt have then.

  • What’s the last film you watched in a movie theatre? Did you enjoy the experience?

The last film that Tonya watched at rhe movies was Black Panther. She enjoyed the experience at the movie theater that she went to. However the only thingshe did not like about it was the prices. She believes tjat the prices should be cheaper rather than the price that we have today being aroun 12 dollars a persons

Jada McMullens 02. 14.19

What Film Baggage Means to Me and Why

What is film Baggage you may ask? Film baggage is when you take something you already know about the movie and let is affect your outcome. To me i have a lot of film baggage based on what i have heard from others. For example the movie Bird Box was a trending movie with a lot of people giving it hype. Before i watched it i saw the hype and took that the movie was great into the watching of the movie. The main Character is happened to be played by Sandra Bullock who is one of my favorite Actress. Taking that i know the roles that she has played previously also affected the way that i looked at the role she played which also affected how i viewed the movie at the end.

Good and Bad Film Baggage

Film Baggage can be either good or bad. Good film baggage in my definition would be something that was given away before watching the movie like headers and one up or even the genre of film that it may be that would attract your attention. However Bad Baggage to me is when you go into watching a movie and you already know much about it such as peoples opinions and things as such. Having many peoples opinions based on a movie that was either had a more favorable or unfavorable audience can cause you to look at the movie a totally different way than you would have if you did not take their opinions into consideration and look at it from your own baggage.

For a better understanding Good Film baggage is something that would make you review the movie in a good way. For example I personally love Kevin Hart. Since I know of his past roles in films that is something that would make me review the movie well. Knowing that he is connected to comedy which i love to watch and seeing him in a movie would make it interest me because there is likely to be in the movie that would make me laugh. Going to watch a movie with this type of baggage is something that would affect how you view the movie in a personal way and not based off what you have heard. A movie that i have watched and has viewed it this way would be National Lampoon Vacation. I viewed it this way because before viewing it i knew that i was going to be funny just from the cover itself. Taking that i like comedy i watched the movie without others opinions. Causing me to be a honest film critic in which i gave my honest opinion about it.

In all cases of a movie you will not have good film baggage. in today’s world the word gets spread around fast creating many opinions on movies before you watched it. Knowing these opinions can affect how you review the movie. For instance let’s say that you want to watch a movie however you have heard more bad things than positive about the movie. Going into watching that movie you can now see all the bad things that people were talking about instead of looking at it from your own point of view causing you to also see the bad in it. This can also happen if there were more good parts than bad that was presented to you before the movie. I have personally and most of the time use this type of baggage. While watching the movie Split i saw more good than bad because of what i have heard about it. Just by knowing what other people has told to me and pointed out about the movie before i got to watch it when i did watch it i saw the things that they pointed out and didnt have my own viewpoint as if i was to watch it without anyone stating their opinions.

How C an You Overcome the Baggage?

 Overcoming this baggage can seem to be hard. However i believe that you can overcome it by combining bad film baggage and god film baggage. To do so you can take things in good film baggage such as your favorite movie and take that and mix it with something you have got out of bad film baggage and create your own opinion based off them two things. You will not like or dislike every movie. Try and look at the movie from a different prospective.Lets say for instant you have a high hatred for Martin Lawrence. However you are debating about going to see Big Momma’s House 2 which a friend is encouraging you to watch telling you it is funny and that you would like it. In the end you go and watch it because you are a comedy fan. Overall you went into the movie with an even amount of god and bad baggage causing you to have a good honest review of the movie. Overcoming this could take some courage however when you go at least you know you are giving your honest review.

Jada McMullens February 10,2019

What Film Means to Me

History of Film

My relation with Film

Hey you guys! My name is Jada McMullens and I am 14 years old. I grew up in a town of Forest City in Rutherford County North Carolina. I was about two to three when i moved to Shelby North Carolina. Growing up my favorite thing to do was go outside and play with my cousins and siblings. However when it was time to come in the house i loved to watch animation films such as Happy feet. Happy feet was one of the first movies that i remember watching. At this time around the age two this was my favorite film to watch

As i grew up and became interested in more genres of film such as romantic, thriller, and superhero films . However now that i am older my liking in some films that i once like has lost my interest. Film to me is something that can grasp my attention and make me feel apart of the journey. My least favorite kind of film as of today would be Black comedy. Black comedy is a comedy style which adds humor to a serious subject. There is no particular reason why i do not like these types of films however they do not catch my attention. As of today my favorite genre of Film would be Drama/ Mystery and comedy, What Happened to Monday is a Netflix Original movie that i would highly recommend to anyone who is in search of a Drama/ Mystery film. I would also recommend watching Mute on Netflix or any other platform that it is available.

Favorite actors and Movie directors

We all have the favorite actor that we love and adore.Some of my favorite Actors would be Taraji P. Henson, Tiffany Haddish and Angela Bassett. Taraji P Henson to me is very diverse when it comes to acting. Henson has played in two of my favorite movies being Acrimony and Proud Mary. My second favorite actor is Tiffany Haddish. Haddish has a personality that you can see through the screen. Being one of my favorite Comedy actors of 2018 staring in Night School. The next actor that i love is Angela Bassett. Basset is an actor who stars in my all time favorite movies What’s love got to do with it and Chi-Raq. All of these women plays a role in movies that i love and i also love their personality.

A good director to me is someone who can coordinate a movie that will grasp your attention from beginning to end. Steven Spielberg has directed many of my favorite movies being E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Jurassic parks, Jaws and the Goonies. The second director does not have that many films that he has directed. However Charles Stone III has directed two of my favorite movies in 2018 being Uncle Drew and Step sisters and also an older movie Drumline. Ryan Coogler is my third director that i would consider a favorite. Although he does not have many movies that he have directed he has two of the top selling movies that he has directed. Coogler has directed Creed and Black Panther which did good on sales and that i also have watched multiple of times.

Film to me is something that catches your attention taking you on the journey that the characters are on and is experiencing. Film has many genres that can be for you and some that you are not a fan of. How you perceive and view film may be different from how others view it. What is film to you?

February 1, 2019 Jada McMullens